Kilkee Civic Trust

As part of its raison d'etre, Kilkee Civic Trust campaigns to preserve and restore historic buildings, structures and places as well as develop local history. Some of the activities in this regard:


Kilkee Seawall

Renovation of Kilkee Seawall by Kilkee Civic Trust

This 2 km wall around the Kilkee bay was in danger of falling into disrepair. Previous attempts to repair damage to the wall resulted in the use of inappropriate materials so Kilkee Civic trust took the project on board to renovate sections of it. It was then a priority to get the whole wall listed as a protected structure so that any future works would have to take into account the historical and heritage nature of the structure.


Kilkee Courthouse

Kilkee Courthouse

Kilkee District Court last met in the Kilkee courthouse in 2001. The following year it ceased to function as a Town hall when the Town council moved its regular meetings to the local library. The building has lain empty since and is beginning to deteriorate.

Kilkee Civic Trust with the assistance of LEADER carried out a feasibility study to try and identify uses for the building. This study by Siobhan Mulcahy, Architect, has now been published and Kilkee Civic trust is liaising with different local bodies and individual in an attempt to move the restoration of this historic building, forward.


Kilkee Book

Photo of an applewoman taken from the Kilkee Book

Because of its historical importance as the most important 19th century seaside resort there is a wealth of local history and photographic images. Kilkee Civic Trust collected a large number of these old photographs and published them in bound book form. The book is now out of print but can be seen in Kilkee Library.

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